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Kagayan Software

Kagayan Software is a newbie type software development. All applications are written in widely-used programming languages such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Delphi and other development tools. And of course its free and clean! It is absolutely no malwares, trojan, virus, worms and other malicious & harmful files.

We are also open on working with other project development, share with us your codes and we do share ours. It's just like the other OpenSource community...

Flash Disk Cleaner Flash Disk Cleaner v1.0.15

Flash Disk Cleaner is a newbie anti-malwares. The existance of this program is to stop the spreading of malwares, virus, other malicious and harmful programs that invaded our flash disks and other removable drives. This release is a beerware license (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beerware). It was written in Microsoft Visual C#.

Download Size: 3.33MB   |   Download License: Beerware   |   Download Download
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